As we have been hunkered down in our homes summer has snuck it’s way in and we are experiencing those hot, sometimes muggy days. That means our melting makeup, excessive sweating and an increase in risk of skin aging (with our technology nowadays how are wrinkles still a thing?) We want to share with you some of our favorite tips in summer proofing your beauty routine to last through the hot summer months.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

One myth I hear people mention often is that they do not moisturize because it will make their skin oilier. On the contrary, the lack of moisture causes the skin to create more sebum/oil to overcompensate for the lack thereof and thus cause oil to break down makeup when it is overly hot and humid. Pick a moisturizer for your skin type (unless your skin is extremely dry during summer we recommend a quick absorbing face oil with an oil-free moisturizer or just the latter for normal to dry and an oil free moisturizer or mattifying moisturizer for oily skin types.)

If you are prone to sweating on your face, there are anti-sweat priming liquids out there like Mehron Skin Prep Pro.

Always protect yourself

Sunscreen is vital to skin health all year round.Sunscreen is vital to skin health all year round.

This important step no matter what time of the year and that is to always use sunscreen. Sun protection is probably the best tip we can offer for long-term skin health and vitality. The sun, though great in moderation is very damaging to the skin with UVA, UVB, and UVC rays so it is imperative to use a broad spectrum sunscreen any time you go outside, are near a window with direct sun exposure, and as much as possible, try to reapply as directed.

Apply makeup in thin layers

Although we may be partial to a natural, sheerer coverage of makeup, this works well for all skin types during the summer. Fuller, thicker coverage is prone to melting as the thicker the coverage is, the less grip the top layers will have. Opt for a lighter coverage using foundation to even out the skin and spot applying concealer to address areas needing more coverage.

Lock it in with Powder hawaii-makeup-artist-napa-wedding-makeup.jpg

If using any cream or liquid products (foundation, concealer, etc) increase the longevity of your makeup with a light veil of powder. Adding dry products like setting powders will lock all wet products in place and help them last and prevent products from shifting and moving.

Say no to silicone

Silicone has long been advertised as the go to ingredient in the last few years for longwearing makeup, and the appearance of smooth skin, but during the summer and especially with oily skin, it is a big thing to avoid. The smoothness of silicone actually causes makeup to move around especially if not set properly. While I am all about a good primer, nothing beats good old proper skin preparation.

Say yes to water resistant/waterproof makeup

In today’s world, cosmetics have benefitted from advancements of technology. There are endless products that are meant to last up to 24 hours (although I highly recommend always taking off makeup daily before going to bed.)  As an oily skinned girl, I have found some great foundations, concealers, and eye products (primers, liners, mascaras, etc)  to stay put all day long and can last well into the night time. Look for products labeled as long-wearing, waterproof, 24 hour, water-resistant, and smudgeproof. These products, when applied properly can last through the hottest, most humid days and may even stay on through a beach or pool day.

I hope these tips will help you with makeup that will last all day long during these endless summer days. Do you have any summer proof tips? We’d love to hear from you.

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Tips to Summerproof Your Beauty Routine

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