If you were/are a 2020 bride we understand the stress you are probably feeling regarding your upcoming wedding. The unknown of if you’ll be able to move forward with your wedding or having to postpone it is something that can rattle even the most steel-nerved individual. While it is surely a chaotic time to plan a wedding, we hope you can take some time to unwind and focus on something fun and relaxing. 

Who doesn’t love taking time to relax and pamper themselves? Whether you do or don’t YOU DESERVE IT. Today we’re sharing three beauty related things you can do during this COVID pandemic to prepare for your wedding as you may have more time before your new wedding date. 

Skin for the win 

This is a huge one that if you can start as early as possible and commit to doing religiously, you and your Wedding Makeup Artist will be so happy. As experts of Bridal Beauty, we understand that achieving natural, glowing makeup is highly dependent on the skin’s condition. Committing to a daily morning and evening skin care routine is a must not only leading up to your wedding, but also in everyday life. 



Not only is the skin the largest organ of the body, but there is only one opportunity to maintain the skin’s youthfulness. Taking a proactive approach to skin care is the best option so adopting or updating your skin care routine for both day and night will not only give the skin the care it needs, but if done properly, it will be in optimal condition on your wedding day resulting in less coverage and a natural and beautiful flawless look.   

In addition to proper skin care, drinking water will help your skin glow on your wedding day. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We all know how important water is for our overall health, but it also does WONDERS for the skin. Composed of over 50% water, our body heavily relies on water for many functions and the skin is no exception. Drinking at least 50% of ounces in your body weight (i.e. weight 120 lbs drink 60 ounces) daily should be adequate in helping flush out toxins in the skin and maintain elasticity and radiance. In addition to proper skin care, drinking water will help the skin glow on your wedding day. 

To keep on track throughout the day set deadlines for a certain number of ounces to ensure you get the necessary amount of water needed for your body. We find 32 ounces every 4-6 hours (12 pm, 4:30 pm, 9:30 pm) works best. 

Refine your bridal beauty inspiration 


While you are waiting out the quarantine and checking off your wedding to-do list, take an hour or two to sit with a cup of coffee and curate your pinterest board with 2-4 photos of makeup and hair looks that fit your vision. Look for photos of makeup and hair on similar features (skin, eye, hair color) to get an accurate idea of what you yourself will look like with those styles. From our experience, to avoid becoming overwhelmed (as myself I know the bottomless hole that Pinterest can sometimes be) find and pin your favorite 2-4 photos each of makeup and hair to share with your Makeup Artist. This tremendously helps our Stylists as we have that visual of what each bride wants us to create for her. 

I hope these three things you add to your to do list are enjoyable and hopefully relaxing and stress-relieving ways for you to incorporate into your wedding preparation during the time you have to prepare for your big day. We also think both water intake and skin care are great things to incorporate into life after wedding as well. 

Are there any other beauty to dos you have worked on during the shelter in place? We’d love to hear them! 

If you need information on starting a skin care routine we invite you to sign up for our complimentary Weekly Skin Care Routine Guide which will provide a foundation for putting together a personalized skin care routine. 

Do you need a little extra guidance with skin care? We are now offering online personalized skin care lessons with our Glowing, Gorgeous Skin! During your your 90 minute lesson, we will analyze your skin and point you in the direction of some great products to add to your daily routine. Sign up here or discover more of our courses on our Online Lessons page. 


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