blog post.jpegIt’s your wedding day! You get up nice and early to get primped and prepped and once your Beauty Stylists leave, you have to maintain your look throughout the rest of the day. Having a few key items in your clutch on your wedding day will keep you looking picture perfect and red-carpet ready from the first look to the last dance. We’ve listed some essentials we think are must haves in your clutch to maintain your look on your big day.

Your wedding day is going to be full of happy kisses between you and your new husband or wife. Mints will ensure you’re always ready for a minty, pleasant peck with your spouse.

After all the clinking of glasses and kissing you’ll want to reapply your lip color to keep your entire look polished and complete throughout the night. Talk with your Makeup Artist during your Preview so you can find out the color she used and purchase it so you can have it handy in your clutch on your wedding day.

Blotting sheets/Powder
Unfortunately, cosmetic companies haven’t figured out how to completely eliminate the dreaded shiny/oiliness that can peak through makeup throughout the day, but not to worry! Keep a few blotting sheets in your clutch and use them every few hours to keep the shine at bay and continue looking gorgeous in your photos. If you’d like to add that extra insurance carry a blotting powder with a fluffy brush (try to refrain from using a sponge as it applies the product on heavier) and softly pat your t-zone area to keep it looking matte.

PRO TIP: you can use your blotting sheets to remove the oil first and then add the tiniest bit of powder. This will remove the oil and less product will be needed. Also, I prefer the natural blotting sheets as they don’t disturb the makeup like synthetic sheets tend to do.

Second skin/Bandages 
If you are like me, after about 10 minutes of wearing heels my feet are not only tired, but I have some sort of blister on my foot that ups the pain level by 1000%. Precut some second skin bandages should you get the dreaded blister on your heel to alleviate some of the pain and reduce friction.

Bobby pins
Throughout the chacha slide and macarena, you may get a few loose hairs from all that dancing. Having a few extra bobby pins will allow you to pin those right back into your do and keep it moving.

Have these items in your clutch and you can assure you’ll be looking and feeling just as fresh as you did when your stylists did your makeup in the morning. Are there any items you think we missed? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


5 Items You Need in Your Wedding Day Clutch

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