We know planning a wedding can be chaotic. You want to get every detail just right from the invitations to your gown all the way down to the utensils your guests will use, the list is endless. But at the end of the day it will be your wedding photos that will bring back the memories of the happiness, beauty and excitement of your wedding day.  We want to share some tips on what we as expert Makeup and Hair Stylists think are some important things to consider for your makeup and hair and wedding photography. We have worked with many amazing photographers and have learned some really great tips we want to share with you to ensure you get photos perfectly capturing your makeup and hair, which is an investment you have made for your wedding day. 

Tip #1: Set time in your wedding day to take bridal portraits.

This is the most important tip we want to share with you. Like your photos, wedding gown, and shoes, your makeup and hair is something you have chosen to invest in for your wedding and we want to make sure you capture these moments where you feel like your most best and beautiful self to revisit and share with your children and grandchildren years down the road.


“We completely understand that there are those who don’t like to be photographed (I am extremely camera shy), but your wedding day is one of those important milestones in life and moments in time that you’ll want to have captured.”


We completely understand that there are those who don’t like to be photographed (I myself am extremely camera shy), but your wedding day is one of those important milestones in life and moments in time that you’ll want to have captured. Having those photos of you as a bride in your beautiful designer wedding gown with your heirloom earrings that have been passed down from your grandmother is something you can cherish forever. 

Set 30 minutes to 1 hour in the day to capture some photos of you in your gown with a range of close up, mid-range, and full length shots either in your bridal suite before your first look and/or during the first moments of your reception against the beautiful backdrop of your venue. We love bridal portraits and believe they are shots that every bride should include on their wedding day shot list 

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Tip #2: Makeup loses its saturation in photos

We lovef soft, natural makeup especially for a special day such as a wedding, but makeup needs to be slightly more intense and saturated for photos. Although it will look like more than you would ideally like, it is extremely important to add the right amount of product for it to show up in photos. Did you know when a flash camera takes a photo, up to 50% of the color saturation is lost?  As a professional, your Makeup Artist should know how to apply the right amount of product where it will look natural in person, yet be saturated enough to show up as “natural” in photos. For all of our natural brides out there, a great rule of thumb is if it looks good in person add just a bit more so it also photographs beautifully.

Tip #3: Filters will affect the way makeup looks in photos.

The power of technology has created endless possibilities when it comes to anything really, but photography has certainly benefitted from these advancements.Photographers can now create their own signature style and aesthetic with the help of filters, lighting adjustments, and a list of other magic tricks they do after the wedding. 

Based on the style of the photographer, the makeup in finished photos may be drastically altered. When bright and airy styles are used, makeup can sometimes look washed out. Dark, moody styles enhance contours and shadows sometimes creating a unblended or harsher lines. As a makeup artist, this is something we want clients to keep in mind when choosing their photography style and how makeup will translate in their photos.

Below, we’ve shared some different photography styles and how it affects makeup and hair.

We hope these tips were helpful in helping you plan for your wedding photos. Do you have any photography questions in regards to makeup? Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to see how we can help you create picture perfect makeup and hair for your wedding photos.


3 Photography Tips for Makeup and Hair on Your Wedding Day

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