From venue, to food, to flowers, the list of items you need to budget for your wedding seem endless. If you’re like us and put makeup and hair at the top of your priorities, we have one more thing you absolutely need to be including into your wedding budget: and that is skin care.

We know, why is skin care so important? As beauty experts, we cannot stress enough how important it is not only for the way your makeup wears on your wedding day, but it also keeps it looking, soft, youthful and glowing. We’re going to give you all the information you need to know on skincare and tips on how to get your skin wedding day ready.

For your skin to be in it’s optimal shape for one of the most important days of your life, we recommend a two-part plan for your best, most glowing skin: a daily morning and evening skin care routine and regular monthly facials.

Skin Care

A daily skin care routine for both morning and night is crucial not just preparing for your wedding, but over your lifetime. Our skin is the largest organ of the body, so not only is it vital to keep it looking youthful and supple, but also for the overall health of your skin.

Along with properly hydrating daily, providing our skin with a protective barrier of the right ingredients is extremely important to the skin’s safety from things like sun damage, free radicals, pollution, everyday stress, and aging. A personalized skin care routine is the solid foundation your skin needs to get the nutrients, protection, and hydration it needs on a daily basis.

“Skin care plays such a vital role in makeup and needs to be incorporated into your daily routine weeks (ideally months) before your wedding day in order to be effective…We highly recommend a preventative approach to skin care rather than a reactive one.”

Skin care plays such a vital role in makeup and needs to be incorporated into your daily routine weeks (ideally months) before your wedding day in order to be effective. We use the high quality, professional and luxury grade products, but if the skin is dry and dehydrated, even the best, most expensive products won’t wear smoothly. If you prefer a light, natural coverage, the better the skin is, the less makeup is needed for flawless coverage that still looks like skin. Not only is your wedding day important, but we only have one shot at great skin and there’s no way to replace or fix it once the damage is done without surgeries and enhancements. We highly recommend a preventative approach to skin care rather than a reactive one.


As skin care is the everyday care, facials are the maintenance of going to a professional to further better the condition of the skin. Getting a facial every month is the most underrated and undervalued service when it comes wedding preparation because although having a daily skin care routine is vital to skin health, facials can completely change the overall look and feel of your skin.

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Dermatologists and estheticians are professionals with expert skin care knowledge and can customize a facial to suit your skin type and concerns. Not only is a facial a relaxing treatment, but skin care professionals also use specific tools and technology to give skin that extra help that the normal consumer usually cannot do at home. A positive of including a facial regimen is that your Dermatologist or Esthetician can also recommend a skin care routine that is custom tailored to suit your skin care needs.

We have had many clients who have invested in monthly facials leading up to their wedding and their skin was soft, supple, and hydrating resulting in smooth, flawless makeup on the wedding day. We highly recommend starting a facial plan with your Dermatologist or Esthetician at least 6 months before the wedding.


There’s no arguing that proper skin care can be very expensive, but I find it well worth the investment as we have one opportunity to keep our skin youthful and healthy for as long as possible. Curating skin products on your own can be overwhelming as there are endless options out there. If this is the case, we recommend scheduling an appointment with a Dermatologist or Esthetician. After facial services, they can recommend products they carry and have extensive knowledge on that is suitable for your skin type.


Skin care products can range anywhere from $20-$200 per product, which lasts anywhere between 30-60 days depending on how much is used each time. Usually there are an average of 4-6 products for both day and night routines, but it is completely up to you to what you’d like to invest in. Facials average anywhere from $125-$200 per month. It most definitely is an investment, but you will find it will pay off in the end.

We’ll be doing more posts on skin care throughout the next few months to further educate you so you look and feel like your most beautiful self not only on your wedding day, but everyday.  Have questions about skin care for us? Leave us a comment! Are you looking for a naturally enhanced beauty look for your wedding day that will stand the test of time?

Send us an email or schedule a consultation call we’d love to hear from you.


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